Transport Solutions

Need flexibility in delivering cargo across the islands?

The Fast fleet is among the largest in the country, so you can get more flexible options to transport your wares — anywhere in the country via land, sea, air! Offering your business with the advantages of a modern transport fleet—track-and-trace visibility, e-POD capability, and compliance with best-in-class standards.

Need to ship cargo at scale and a ready fleet of inland freight trucks, wing vans, or prime movers? Need to move boxes and less container load LCL across the islands on demand?

Fast has surge-ready capacity with the nation-widest coverage—with more extensive coverage in key cities than any other provider.

Tell us how our modern fleet can serve you today!

Flexible Transport Options

Choose from the range of services we offer.

National Branch Network

Covering key cities in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao.

Multi-Modal Transport

Sea Freight Forwarding

Moving cargo via commercial shipping lines either Full Container Load (FCL) or Loose Container Load (LCL). Mode of delivery – door to door, door to pier, pier to door or pier to pier.

Inland Freight/Trucking

Moving cargo via land using closed vans and containerized trucks or prime movers.

Air Freight Forwarding

Moving air cargo via commercial airlines and alliances.

Courier Services

Door to door express delivery service of Mails and Parcels using motorized couriers.

Roro & Cross-Dock Services

Transport your goods across the islands.

RORO Services

Cross-Dock Services

Specialized Transport Solutions

Temperature Controlled Deliveries


Car Carrier Services

Barging Services

Modern Fleet Agility

Track-and-Trace Visibility

Control Tower Technology

Transport Management System

Tell us how our modern fleet can serve you today!